Upload Policy

freeSFX.co.uk is committed to helping combat piracy and theft of audio files and proprietary material . This is a major consideration and our priority in allowing contributors to upload sounds. If we find any illegally published material on our website we will remove it immediately and the contributor responsible will have all rights of upload and distribution suspended upon investigation. Contributors who repeatedly infringe or abuse the proprietary rights of others will have their accounts terminated.

If you believe that any material on freeSFX.co.uk is being illegally shared, please report it to us by email at hello@freesfx.co.uk along with the following information:

  • Details of the Sound(s) in question in the form of the full description, username of contributor(s) and a link(s) to the Sound(s) on the freeSFX.co.uk website.
  • Details of the owner of the sound(s). If this is you, please state this and if you do not know, then please provide details of why you believe that the sound(s) belong to someone else.
  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address

In the event of such a notification, we will take action to suspend any sound(s) reported until the matter has been fully resolved. We may also disclose account information, including email and IP address to any authority or third-party relating to the matter.